In Writing

Short stories


A young woman longing for the traditional family life tries to find a husband in Beijing without loosing face.

Moving on

Learning to move on from a traumatic event in the past during a visit to the Old Summer Palace.

The Swim

A swim in the mountains around Beijing sounds like a refreshing break from the hot and humid day. But its not without danger  

The Stars of heaven

Qixi festival celebrates the romantic tale of a boy who secretly marries a fairy.

The tale of forbidden love is a familiar theme in both Chinese and Western cultures. The two  are brought together in a modern retelling of this ancient myth.

Par 3

Two men consider the merits and morality of on-line dating while playing golf in the hot dry sun of Beijing

Award winning poetry

The Ex-lover

Ghost town by the sea

Qi Qiao Jia

Last Kiss

3rd place Fan Story competition)

Do you remember?

(3rd place One page poetry competition)