Elephant in the room

A personal view on topical issues based on what I see, experience and write about here. Too controversial or negative to print, but too important to ignore - the least I can do is not censor myself.

last updated  5th December 2021 

The ongoing story from the first cases till now. The coverups, the crackdowns, the changing narratives, perceptions, and stupidities East and West

last updated  15th September 2021  

A look at the treatment of animals in China and the stereotype that  Chinese people are typically cruel   

Pollution, Desertification, Global warming, Over population, Resource depletion, Waste, Biodiversity and  GM foods.. A look at China’s contribution to the issues and its efffect on the ground.

The efforts to control the narrative and how effective they are in shaping the actions and conversations behind the Great Firewall of China 

Anti China bias and western media lies or genocide of the Uighur minority. An exploration of likelihood withn the ongoing claims and counter claims about the region